Angela Brandão

“I initially developed the idea of the Primate Cognition Research Group (PrimCog) as the Primate Personality Research Group in 2014, after realizing how few and dispersed were both the studies and the researchers in the area. Personality hasn’t been researched in most primates! This limits immensely the knowledge about those species and about personality from an evolutionary perspective. Recently we decided to explicitly include all interrelations with other cognitive capacities, and therefore changed the name. I hope this group will continue to grow with the work, interest and collaborations of researchers curious about these fields.”

Scientific interests: “Working with humans in clinical and research contexts since 1998, made me very aware of the importance of personality for understanding human behavior and helping in change processes. When thinking about personality, I’ve realized that its development and neural bases, as well as its dynamic structure, has profound implications for individuals’ lives. My need for understanding its role in the system in which the individual is included (family, work, society), and the richness and diversity of personalities that we find in humans, turned my interests toward understanding personality from an evolutionary perspective. So my research interests comprise many questions regarding personality, including ontogeny and structure, neurological bases, and evolutionary history.”

Academic Degrees, Research Units and experiences of interest (in reverse chronological order):
2015 - Center for Philosophy of Sciences of the University of Lisbon;
2013 - Adult Development and Successful Aging Research Group, University of Minho (Portugal);
2012 - EcoComp - Biology, Science Faculty, University of Lisbon (Portugal);
2012 - PhD student in Biology - Animal Behavior, developing the Thesis: “Personality Evolution: Implications of its dynamic structure.”
2011 - Lecturer, Themes of Neurosciences course, Senior University of Almada.
2012-2015 CESAM - University of Aveiro (Portugal);
2009-2014 Developmental Analysis of Psychotherapeutic Process Laboratory, Suffolk University, Boston (USA);
2005-2009 Lecturer, Neurology and Neuropsychology course, Senior University of Almada;
2012 - International Master Degree in Clinical Neuropsychology, European University Miguel de Cervantes (Spain) - Monograph: Orbitofrontal Cortex;
2011 - Primates Ethology Course levels I, II and III of Mona Foundation (Primate Recovery Center, Spain);
2010 - Archaeology and Women, University of Grananda (Spain);
2008 - Advances in Neurology and Behavioral Sciences Course, Complutense University of Madrid, El Escorial (Spain);
2008 - Post-graduate specialization degree in Neuropsychology and Dementias, University of Barcelona (Spain). - Final work: Holos: beyond mind body dichotomy, the exploration of personality as an example;
2006 - Master’s degree in Change and Development in Psychotherapy, University of Lisbon. Dissertation Thesis: Discrepancies of self states: Real self, ideal self and ought self evaluated using MCMI-II;
2004 - Post-graduate certification degree in Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, Portuguese Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies;
1998 - Psychology Degree, University of Lisbon. (Licensure as Psychologist).