Antonio Alexandre

“I Joined PrimCog in 2018 thanks to “Encontro Aberto de Primatologia 2018”, a gathering of primatologists and primate enthusiasts whose purpose was to share with all members of the public the work of national and international researchers in Primatology, as well as to create and promote connections between all participants!”

Scientific interests:My main areas of interest are Animal Behavior and Conservation. I focus my research on the vocal communication of wild orangutans - namely Sumatran orangutans Pongo abelii - and their contribution to the understanding of the evolution of human language.

Academic Degrees, Research Units and experiences of interest (in reverse chronological order):
2017 - Master Degree, University of Lisbon (Portugal), in Conservation Biology - Dissertation Thesis: Effects of human disturbance on vocalizations of the Sumatran Orangutan in North Sumatra, Indonesia: conservation implications
2013 / 2014 - Field researcher, Pongo Foundation, at North Sumatra (Indonesia)
2012 - Degree in Biology, University of Lisbon (Portugal)

Orangutan research: António followed wild Sumatran Orangutans Pongo abelii at the Gunung Leuser National Park in Indonesia for six months, in order to collect their vocal repertoire and to conduct playback experiments on the tropical rainforest.