David Sousa

“After participating in the congress “Encontro aberto de Primatologia 2018” I became deeply interested in primate research and got involved in the Primate Cognition Research Group. Currently, I work on theoretical models about the evolution of cooperation under ecological stress and the cognitive adaptations that are necessary to build and maintain a social network of reciprocity. Has cognition evolved to support cooperation for survival”

Scientific interests: Mind and Brain, and whatever is between. Deep ecology, social cognition and the evolution of cooperation in nature. Particularly in primates.

Academic Degrees, Research Units and others of interest:
2018 - Research scoolarship in Developmental Psychology, William James Center for Research, ISPA, Lisboa, Portugal.
2018 - Master’s Degree in Cognitive Science, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal.
2015 - Physics Degree, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal.