Sofia Dias

“My role in the PrimCog was to assist my colleague Raquel Costa in the data collection for the capuchin monkeys ( Sapajus apella ). This species is native to South America and they are known as the only New World Primate species that use tools to accomplish their daily tasks. They are currently listed as a “Least Concerned” species in the IUCN Red List, although the current population trend is to decrease. This was my first contribution for the study of primates.”

Scientific interests: “I have been developing work in ecology linked to social dimension and environmental education. I think that the involvement of local communities is very important to the success of conservation or awareness projects, since we can learn a lot with their local ecological knowledge.
I intend to continue exploring the relation of human populations with the environment and, with that, contribute to species conservation and preservation. ”

Academic Degrees, Research Units and experiences of interest (in reverse chronological order):
2017 – Grantee of National Geographic Society (Early Career Grant), with the Project “Otters in human-altered environments: changing attitudes” (Grant # WW-073EE-17);
2016 - Master Degree in Conservation Biology, University of Lisbon (Portugal), with a thesis about the Neotropical Otter ( Lontra longicaudis );
2014 - Bachelor Degree in Environmental Biology, University of Lisbon (Portugal).