Wilson Vieira

“I got involved with PrimCog in 2015, with the purpose of studying personality in Bolivian-Squirrel-Monkeys in Lagos’ Zoo (Portugal). This species is a small-sized neo-tropical monkey found in South America, mainly in seasonally inundated forest, river-edge forest and secondary forest. It is an arboreal monkey species that feed on fruit and insects that they can capture. They live in large groups composed of both sexes. However, females are dominant, leaving the males in a peripheral group. They are known for following capuchin- monkeys groups, taking advantage of their anti-predatory behaviour.”

Scientific interests: “My main interests in biology are animal behavior and conservation biology. Throughout my training in biology I pursued projects related to these topics in order to improve my knowledge in these areas. I have a special interest in ecological studies and conservation programs related to tropical ecosystems. I am also interested in Environmental Education.”

Academic Degrees, Research Units and experiences of interest (in reverse chronological order):
2015 Masters’ student in Anthropology: Nature and Conservation, FCSH - New University of Lisbon (Portugal)
2015 Educator in the Lisbon Zoo
2015 Tropical Biology Association Student
2014 Internship at the Rio de Janeiro University (Brasil)
2014 Bachelor Degree in Biology, University of Lisbon (Portugal)